Welcome to the Shetland Sheep Breeders Web Ring Site! If you'd like to join
 this webring, here are the rules and regs:

 1. You must have a website or blog.

 2. You must love Shetland Sheep.

 3. You must occasionally post a picture of your sheep you love on your
     website or blog.

 4. The ring code must be visible from the page where your website or blog is.      The point is to have a back and a forward button,so people can flip from your      fabulous Shetland Sheep website/blog to another person's, and thus the ring      continues. Hence the name "webring." Get it? It's so cool!

 5. Once you are accepted, you have a week to get the code up and running on      your site. After a week, you will be deleted and you will have to submit again.

 6. Ringsurf will send you an email with your information for belonging to the ring.      Save it, because if you need to change your web address/info, etc, you will      need the info from Ringsurf.

 7. If you want to use the cute Shetland buttons, you must download it your own      server.

 8. I have the right to reject your site from entry into this ring. Reasons for      rejection include: hate-filled sites, porn, or any other nastiness. My sheep      would not approve and I don't either.

 9. You can email me with questions at:   kim AT kimberwood DOT com

 After reading the rules, if you want to join this awesome web ring, please do!

 Click here to join the webring!

Monday, March 27, 2006

If your Shetland Sheep organization would like to have a link added to this site, please email: kim AT kimberwood DOT com